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The Owners
Mike & Yvonne (Click to enlarge the picture)Hello,

Yvonne and I would like to welcome you to our web site and to share our holiday home with you. Yvonne is German and I am English we live and work in Frankfurt Germany at the moment but hope to retire to Cyprus in the next couple of Years.

We bought this Villa in November 2006 after falling in love with it when we rented it for a month in June 2006 and lucky for us the owners Steve and Elizabeth who had owned it from new decided to accept our purchase offer and sold it to us. We will of course be using it a lot ourselves but also want others to enjoy it and be able to explore this wonderful island which is full of opportunities'.

We have set the prices for rental at a level which is very competitive compared to other villas on offer in and around the area; we are not using agents to rent our villa therefore this keeps costs down. Our aim is to cover the running costs and ensure it is well maintained. These prices have been set within an affordable range for many people who would not normally think of renting a villa. It was the first time we had rented a villa and wow what freedom you have compared to hotels and holiday apartments plus the private pool in the garden was the icing on the cake for us.

The car on offer for rent is a lot cheaper compared to a rental car of a similar size from a local dealer.

We look forward to receiving your booking request, best wishes Mike & Yvonne.
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